How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post: Have you ever thought about how much there is to see on the Internet? A 2016 study shows that there are at least 130 trillion web pages. Over the past two years, that number has probably increased significantly. If you are a new blogger, competing may seem impossible even as the Internet gets more crowded. Don't get discouraged.

At least 90% of the websites on the Internet don't have much to offer their visitors. If you make great content, you have a great chance of being successful. Arriana Huffington, Peter Rojas, and other bloggers now worth millions of dollars all started by making great content. Creating great content will take a lot of time but will ultimately pay off.

  1. Before you begin writing, do some analysis on the topic.
  2. How To Write A Blog Post Site With Siteground Hosting
  3. Figure out how you can best support your viewers.
  4. Start writing, and make sure it's great.
  5. Start promoting your article after it's published.
  6. Manual outreach is a great way to expand your marketing.
  7. Conclusion

Before you begin writing, do some analysis on the topic.

It would help to look at what other people write about in your niche. Try to figure out what the top thought leaders are doing right and come up with a plan to make even better content. Doing a keyword analysis is the best place to start. You can find out what keywords these people in their niche are using tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Start by getting rid of keywords that aren't relevant enough, don't get enough searches, or look like they'd be hard to rank for. The keywords you want to go after are the ones left on your list. Without the right tools, keyword research will always take time.

SEMrush can accelerate the process and make it much easier to understand and use a lot of data. With the SEMrush keyword tool, you can immediately find out how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword phrase. When you do a keyword search, the results will show you the monthly volume, competition, keyword difficulty, and more.

How To Write A Blog Post Site With Siteground Hosting

Writing a blog post is easy to express yourself and share your thoughts. Whether you want to write about a hobby, your job, or something else, a blog can be a great outlet for creativity. One of the first steps in getting started is to find a reliable web hosting provider, and Siteground hosting is a great option. With Siteground, you get all the essential features you need to start a successful blog, including reliable uptime, secure storage, and great customer service. Plus, their hosting plans are affordable and easy to set up, meaning you can start blogging in no time.

Figure out how you can best support your viewers.

Competing with other content leaders on their terms can be hard, especially if they have formal training or education in a competitive niche. Please don't give up because you might be able to add more value to your content by finding a new way to look at it. 

There are probably many things you didn't think about. Say you're making a website for people who follow the Paleo diet. Most Paleo bloggers share recipes and news on their blogs. You could do the same thing. But there are a few other things you could think about as well, like:

  • A website on frugal Paleo living. You could come up with novel recipes for people on a tight budget.
  • A blog that helps people resist the urge to go off their diet.
  • A blog for athletes who eat the Paleo way of life. The blog could advise on what to eat and how to work out.
  • A website for paleo moms that will help them make their families more interested in the paleo diet.

The type of content that will get the most attention will vary depending on who you want to reach. Every group has different requirements, so you will have to consider those. If you're writing for college students, writing about how to save money is likely to be interesting to them.

A blog for middle-aged parents could do well if it had posted about improving their finances and dealing with the problems of getting older. You don't have to choose your blog's readers based on age, gender, or income.

Start writing, and make sure it's great.

You've looked into your competitors and determined who you want to sell to. Stop thinking about the niche and start writing! You can use your competitors' blog posts as a general guide, but you don't have to write like them. You should add more value and detail to the content you write.

You may find that many of your competitors are on the first page with articles that are only a few hundred words long. Most of the period, this is because of those with a strong domain authority or found keywords with little competition. BuzzSumo is a tool you should use if you want to dive into the world of aggressive content creation, SEO, and promotion. 

It will not only show you the most popular, well-ranked, and streaming media for whatever you are looking for, but it will also give you the tools and features you need to figure out how it works. Ultimately, this will let you make the best content you can.

If you want to rank higher than some of the best sites online, you will need to raise the bar. This is because you probably run a newer blog and have less of a digital footprint with Google. Think of making longer posts without putting too much thin content on your site.

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Start promoting your article after it's published.

You might have already written a dozen great posts a few months after you started your blog. But you're upset that no one has been to your blog yet. Even though it's important to make great content, it will only be useful if people can find it. Think of your blog post as diamonds on an island no one knows about. 

If no one ever finds them, they won't be worth anything. There are way too many ways to promote your content. We could even write a whole book about how to promote content. Instead, we can use Buffer's guide to content promotion, which does a great job of covering the basics and more.

After making your content, you must start getting the word out about it. Please share it on social networks like Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and others. Send your email list the links to your best posts. With InVideo, you can make a teaser video and share it on your social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Manual outreach is a great way to expand your marketing.

Social media can be a wonderful method to promote content, but if you work with other thought leaders, you can get much more attention. Try emailing other bloggers in your niche to see if they will link to one of your best resources. 404 broken backlink requests are showing this to many site owners and bloggers lately.

Even though the method works well, it takes a lot of time. If you do it right and show that your material is useful to their customers, they may use it as a source in a future post. You can also reach more people by letting other people blog for you.

Don't be scared to send pitches to big publishers. It might be scary, but they can help you out. The key is to ensure you have great things to share. They will be glad to work with a wonderful blogger with a good track record.


Google is making it harder to blog because it is getting pickier about what kinds of posts it ranks in the SERPs. Also, readers are becoming pickier. This is something good. It means that you'll have a better chance of being ranked if you focus on making good content instead of following the most recent "black hat" ranking techniques that are sure to get your site banned or turn off your readers.

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