How To Start A Travel Blog

How To Start A Travel Blog

How To Start A Travel Blog & How to make a travel blog is a question when people want to write about their trips. It's simple and cheap for anyone to start their travel blog. Some people are concerned that establishing a WordPress blog takes a lot of time, is hard to do, and costs a lot of money, especially when compared to something like Blogger, which is free. That just isn't true. If you do what's written here, you could be ready to go in as little as 15 minutes. So, if you want to quickly and easily start a travel blog, this is the article for you.

  1. How To Start A Travel Blog
  2. Step 1: Pick a title
  3. Step 2: Purchase the domain name
  4. Step 3: Choose a company to host your site.
  5. Step 4: Create a travel blog.
  6. Step 5: Make it appealing.

How To Start A Travel Blog

Step 1: Pick a title

Or at least a domain name that people can type into the address bar of a browser to find your blog. Since this is an important step, let's do it first. I won't give you too much advice because it's a creative process, but I will say that shorter domain names are simpler to remember and type.

Regarding domain types ,.com is cheaper, and there are no restrictions as long as it's available. Domains that end in a country code, for Australia, tend to be more expensive and may have constraints on who can buy them.

For example, you need an Australian Business Number to buy It might also be the best choice to reach people worldwide. Go here to see if a domain you like is freedom. Up to 50 names can be checked at once. You might have to look at many of them because the better ones are often already taken.

Step 2: Purchase the domain name

It's easy to buy a domain name. If you want a top-level domain,, you have a lot of choices. Find a good deal and purchase your domain. We like NameCheap because their cost includes domain privacy, and we think they are the best deal.

Privacy for a domain is an important thing to think about. By default, the name, address, and other information about the person who records an account will be in the public Whois records. Domain Privacy keeps that from being shared with everyone. You need domain privacy if you don't want people to know your address.

Step 3: Choose a company to host your site.

A hosting company is a business that will "host" your blog or put it on a web server so that other people can see it. To make your travel blog, the next step is to set up your hosting. I recommend a host with a free cPanel account to keep things simple. cPanel is a piece of Software that will make it very easy to set up the blog.

Don't worry about disk space, bandwidth, or anything else. If you don't know you'll need a lot, the greatest basic hosting plans will be enough. And if you need to, any company will gladly upgrade your account without you having to do anything to your site.

Each option is necessary, so you can safely uncheck them all, but they are all useful. You can now add the options you don't want through your account. As was already said, the "Domain Privacy" option is one to think about.

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Step 4: Create a travel blog.

We're about to start having fun. This is easy if you bought a hosting account with cPanel. We'll use cPanel to set up WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world. There are other options, but this is one of the easiest to set up, use and change. Some estimates say that more than 20% of the websites in the world use it.

Go to your cPanel account first. Most of the time, a hosting company will send you an email with the information or put a link in your account. For SiteGround, log in to your account and go to My Accounts. Choose your account, but under Information & Settings, you'll see an Access cPanel button.

On some hosts, the Installer might be in a place called Software or something similar. Most hosts have a way to install WordPress, but some may provide a link to a program called Softaculous that will start the installation process.

Those who use SiteGround will be taken to the page where they can change their settings. The first two parts (Software Setup and Database Settings) can be left alone, but make sure your domain name is chosen in the Choose Domain field. Don't worry about the additional fields; they'll be fine with the default settings.

In the Site Settings section, type in your blog name (not the domain name, but it can be similar if you want) and a simple summary. The name of this site is (shockingly) "Where's Sharon," and its description is "Family Travel Blog – Travel with Kids.

Step 5: Make it appealing.

We didn't choose WordPress just because it was easy to set up. It is also very easy to change. Due to how popular it is, thousands of plugins let you change how it works, and thousands of themes let you change how it looks. Some themes cost money, but most are free.

Even though there are some good free themes, most paid themes take a glance and work better, particularly if you want them to work on phones, tablets, and computers. Most of the time, they are much easier to set up and change. Here are some theme sites that Sharon likes and uses on her sites.

  • Theme Forest has a lot of nice-looking themes, like Jupiter, which is used on Where's Sharon, and Newspaper, which is employed on our Digital Nomad blog.
  • My Theme Shop has powerful, clean, and cheap themes. Use the code to get started now! To save 10%.
  • Thrive Themes has themes that load quickly and work on most devices. These themes have been used on our newest sites because they are fast and easy to share. PerforMag is one of my favorites.

And that's all. You're all set now that you can make a travel website. All you must do is place your travel stories in it.

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