How To Start A Journalism Blog

How To Start A Journalism Blog

How To Start A Journalism Blog: You can also start a blog site and do well as a news blogger in 2023 with a small amount of work. Today, NEWS is not just a business that happens on TV. We all read the news on our phones, with apps like Yahoo, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, etc., letting us do so.

With more people using the internet, all you need is real content, reliable hosting, and a Domain Name that makes sense. This article will tell you everything a News Blogger needs to know. Here, you'll learn how to build your news portal or blog.

We will also give you a list of popular media blogs you should read to get ideas. But the best idea is to not make mistakes and learn from the mistakes of others.

  1. How To Start A Journalism Blog
  2. Here are the steps to make your news blog (self-hosted).
  3. Purchase Journalism Essentials
  4. Choose the type of news blog you want
  5. A few Ideas for News Niche Markets are
  6. A website for celebrity news
  7. A blog with sports news
  8. A Blog for Political News
  9. A Blog for Agri-News
  10. A blog with tech news
  11. A blog for Regional news
  12. A blog about employment news
  13. Select Domain and Purchase Hosting
  14. Install WordPress and Begin Publishing News

How To Start A Journalism Blog

If so, this guide will be very helpful. We will share the method you must follow if you desire to undertake News Blogging. It is among the best blog topics that can bring in a lot of traffic. We've talked about every Tech-related part of making a News Blog. It would help if you also looked at the legal and compliance rules for the country you want to sell to.

Here are the steps to make your news blog (self-hosted).

  • Buy Essentials of Journalism
  • Pick the type of news blog you want [News Niche]
  • Choose a domain name, and then buy hosting.
  • Install WordPress and start putting out news stories.

Purchase Journalism Essentials

Since the blog you want to make is about news, you need the basic tools, and equipment journalists use.

  • A voice recorder: to keep track of the interviews and other events.
  • A mic is a must-have if you want to make or record videos.
  • Video and Still Camera: Every journalist needs a still camera and a video camera to cover events.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: There are sports, elections, and even documentaries. You may well not find ports to start charging your gadgets everywhere. Sometimes you don't have time to charge the batteries, either. Maintaining a battery that can be charged is always a good idea.
  • Laptop: Uploading Headlines on WordPress or your Blog is feasible with Laptop. We suggest I3 or I5 Processors because they work quickly.
  • Travel Essential items: Most journalists spend most of their time traveling. Having basic travel items like power banks, charging stations, pens, notepads, etc., with you is a good idea.

Choose the type of news blog you want

Once you've decided to begin a News Blog and gotten the Gadgets you'll need, it's time to choose your News Niche. Yes, a news blog should have its niche or type of news. How this blog develops in the future will depend on the data you share.

A few Ideas for News Niche Markets are

  • Celebrity News
  • Sports News
  • Political News
  • Agri News
  • Tech News 
  • Regional News 
  • Employment News

A website for celebrity news

This will have news about Hollywood, the music business, new movie releases, interviews with famous people, etc.

A blog with sports news

There are many people concerned with this niche. Sports have their fans, and there are a lot of them. Whether it's cricket, football, or hockey, you'll be able to write about events that happen often. When this blog is shared on social media, sports fans like, share, and go to blogs like this immediately. We all want to know this, and there are a lot of chances for News Bloggers to cover big or small events worldwide.

A Blog for Political News

This is among the most common and well-known ways for Blogs to report the news. You might have a lot of competition here, but if the blog has good content, it will grow sooner or later. Use the Jarvis.AI trial to start generating the content using AI. You can also use the free version of ShortlyAI to see AI. Political events like elections, policy decisions, and interviews with politicians give you a lot to write about.

A Blog for Agri-News

This type of blog can work for you if there are a lot of farmers in your country. Sharing information about the weather, the price of seeds and the current prices for each crop will help farmers and other Agri-related groups. You won't get a big audience here, but you can anticipate regular traffic and many ways to make money through Brand Advertising.

A blog with tech news

Today, one of the most popular news blogs is a tech blog or a blog about tech news. With technology improving, we all want to know about new products and gadgets as soon as they come out. You should have seen blog posts about when the iPhone 11 would come out. Also, a comparison of the Amazon Alexa and the Google Echo Dot.

A blog for Regional news

Many things happen daily in your state, city, or country. People love to read local news about changes, policies, and events because they are relevant to them. You could run out of things to say, but you can easily make up for it with other categories. For instance, local Sudoku, photo contests, celebrations of festivals, and news about local businesses. This will also assist you in getting money from ads from business owners in your area.

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A blog about employment news

This Blog type is easy to understand and doesn't need to be explained. We've all looked for jobs, and many people are interested in this niche. You can find job openings by visiting different Government Sites, PSU Job Portals, the company website, and leading Job Boards. You need to give the correct information and all the necessary details. In the beginning, getting people to visit your blog may be hard, but don't worry. It will get its viewers.

Select Domain and Purchase Hosting

You know what you require to understand about journalism, and you know what your blog's niche is. Now is the best time to select a creative Domain name and good Web Hosting. Shared hosting is the best place to start. You can switch to a VPS or a dedicated server when the number of visitors grows. You will save a lot of money by doing this.

  • Step 1: Pick a name for your news blog
  • Step 2: Pick a good hosting company and a cheap hosting plan

Install WordPress and Begin Publishing News

The last step is setting up WordPress and putting out the news. On the GreenGeeks platform, installing WordPress is easy and only takes one click. You can use the CPanel control panel and install over 200 apps with just one click. There is no need to know anything about technology. 

Still, their customer service department will set everything up for you if you want. You can get help via chat and email around the clock. You need a fast and easy-to-customize theme like GeneratePress. Plugins like Elementor make it easy to write posts even if you don't know how to code.

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