How To Start A Finance Blog

How To Start A Finance Blog

If you want to start your finance blog, read this article, How To Start A Finance Blog, to the end. This free guide will show you everything you need to know to start. As a beginner, you might feel like you don't know where to start with your finance blog. You need to read a great deal and do a significant amount of research before writing an article. 

People who start from scratch have many problems and make many mistakes at the beginning. To keep trying, you must avoid making mistakes and learn from them. A good finance blog could bring in millions of readers worldwide, making you a well-known finance expert in India.

  1. Know what a blog is before starting one.
  2. How To Start A Finance Blog
  3. Choose a catchy name for your blog.
  4. Go to free blogging sites.
  5. Using WordPress, you can create your website.
  6. You can design your blog, or you can hire a pro.
  7. How Can I Become a Well-Known Influencer in Finance?
  8. Find out about your niche.
  9. Come up with mind-blowing blog ideas.
  10. Be Constant
  11. Engage your audience.
  12. Use social media to talk about your blog.
  13. Start a YouTube channel.
  14. Conclusion

Know what a blog is before starting one.

A blog is a website with written content called "blog posts." It can be about any niche; sometimes, you can choose more than one if you're interested and good at writing. However, you need to know a lot about those niches to give your readers a good reason to read them.

Blogs can be about anything, like gossip, news, beauty, money tips, etc. You can write a blog about anything you want. Most blog posts are written from either a general viewpoint or the writer's point of view. It would assist if you held that your writing style should help your readers connect with your content and understand your ideas.

It would help if you talked to your readers often. Every blog has a comment section where readers can tell you what they think about the blog. This will help you understand your readers better and give you ideas for what to write next. One of the best things about having your blog is that you can connect directly with your readers, which will only get stronger over time.

How To Start A Finance Blog

Now that you understand a blog let's look at how easy it is to start your finance blog. If you are new to this platform and want to try your luck as a finance blogger, use free blogging sites instead of spending money.

Choose a catchy name for your blog.

Your blog's name should be able to tell people what it's about, so they can understand what you're talking about and want to read more.

Go to free blogging sites.

You can start a free blog on sites like, WordPress, Wix, Medium, Joomla, Tumblr, and others. You can start your blog by choosing a good theme from one of these sites. You can also find tutorials on how to set up your professional blog with the world's fastest hosting.

Using WordPress, you can create your website.

WordPress lets you make a website, and many well-known finance bloggers already have their WordPress websites and finance blogs. You have to spend some time learning how the website works, but most of the time, their support team can help you with anything. 

You can design your blog, or you can hire a pro.

If you don't think you can set up your website and understand how it works, you can hire a professional to start your finance blog or website from scratch. Almost all well-known bloggers and social media influencers have their websites run by a team of experts. Full-time finance influencers in India make more than 3 to 4 lakhs per month, so if you're thinking about making it your main source of income, you have more than one reason to go for it.

How Can I Become a Well-Known Influencer in Finance?

In India, becoming a well-known finance influencer doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, so you have to be patient and have faith. It takes time to build your audience of people who trust your content. Here are some tips to assist you in becoming a well-known finance influencer. 

Find out about your niche.

As a finance blogger, it's important to find your niche. You can write about investments, different investment schemes, the benefits of different kinds of investments, etc. Some people only talk about gold investments on their blogs. They call themselves gold bloggers and You can be one of them if you're interested in gold blogging, silver blogging, etc.

Come up with mind-blowing blog ideas.

Write a catchy title for your blog because that's the first thing people will see. If they don't like the title, they might not read the blog. You can use some free tools that help you develop ideas for your blog that are outside the box.

Be Constant

You must be extremely consistent in blogging and impact the industry. You have to post often to give your readers what they want. It cannot be good for your readers when you don't post new articles for a long time.

Engage your audience.

One of the simplest methods to get more people to read your blog is to talk to them. If you talk to them often, they will find your blog useful and start to trust you when it comes to money matters. If you respond to every comment this way, your audience will see how much you care about what you're doing and how much you love it.

Use social media to talk about your blog.

Social media can do a lot to make your blog well-known. Share the link to your blog on your social media profiles, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., so people can see what you're up to, follow you, and start reading your blog daily.

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Start a YouTube channel.

Make your own YouTube channel where you can discuss your website and blog. YouTube videos have a huge chance of making you well-known in your blogging niche. You can get people interested by talking about what you've recently learned.

Now, when you search on Google, you can also see results from YouTube. If your video has important information, it will appear in search results and make your blog well-known. The more backlinks you get, the higher your domain will be. This will also make getting paid ads easier, which you can use to make money.


It's not easy to write and manage blogs about money. After you set up your blog, you need to spend a lot of time coming up with good content that answers your readers' questions if you're a brand looking for the top finance influencer marketing in India to back your business.

We have thousands of finance influencers from all over the country who have signed up with us. Our influencers are experts at making great brand-centered content that will change how your target audience thinks. They have a large following of people who trust their advice, so you don't have to worry about building trust with your audience.

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