How To Cloak an Affiliate Link Step by Step- 2 Best ways

Cloak an Affiliate Link

Cloak an Affiliate Link

The websites URL that are messy and too long is not seen as attractive. Many people think about these messy URLs as spam. Google does not promote these URL or links, because they are looking shady. This is a big mistake done by affiliates. By Clocking these affiliates links is a solution. Clocking makes the URL short, easy to use and trustworthy. Here are the 2 best ways of clock an affiliate link.

How To Clock an Affiliate Link by using WordPress plugins?

Using plugins on WordPress to cloak an affiliate link is an easy and short process. You just must add your affiliate URL or link to the plugin, and you will get the cloak affiliate link. It is simple, easy, quick, and short method of cloaking. Here are the 2 best WordPress plugins that helps you to Cloak an Affiliate Link.

Thirsty Affiliates Plugin to Cloak an Affiliate Link

Thirsty Affiliate is one of the best WordPress plugins or affiliate link creator that is used to cloak the affiliate link. By using this plugin, you can easily make you websites URL shortens, SEO optimized and eye catching. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to Cloak an Affiliate Link on WordPress plugin thirsty affiliate.

STEP 1: Install the Thirsty Affiliate plugin on WordPress.

STEP 2: Activate the plugin.

STEP 3: Go to the setting page and click the “Affiliate links” option.

STEP 4: Now, you will see an option to cloak your links. But you must enable this link.

STEP 5: Click on the checkbox to enable the option of cloak.

Now, you can easily cloak your affiliate link. As cloaking affiliate links are free on WordPress.

Pretty Links Plugin to Cloak an Affiliate Link

Pretty links is also the best plugin and affiliate link creator that is used to clock the affiliate links. By pretty links, you can easily create your redirect link that is amazingly SEO optimized and user friendly. Here is the guide of how to Cloak an Affiliate Link on WordPress plugins pretty links.

STEP 1: Log in to your “WordPress Account” and Go to the plugin page.

STEP 2. Search the plugin "Pretty Link" and install it.

STEP 3. Then activate it.

STEP 4. Go to "Settings" page and click on the "Pretty Link" tab.

STEP 5. In "Cloaking Options" section, select the option to "Enable Link Cloaking."

STEP 6. Choose your cloaking method and settings.

By following these steps, you can easily Cloak an Affiliate Link on WordPress plugin pretty links.

How to Cloak an Affiliate Link on WordPress without plugin?

Cloaking affiliate links on WordPress without plugin is possible and easy to use. Here are 2 ways of cloak an affiliate link on WordPress without plugin.

  • We can use a URL Shortener, that allows you to track clicks and create shorter, more manageable links.
  • You must use a WordPress plugin like Pretty Links, which will allow you to cloak links as well as track clicks and create shorter links.

By following these 2 ways, you will shorten your affiliate link easily and without using the plugin. Affiliates must use these ways to promote their websites.

What is link cloaking?

Link cloaking is the technique that affiliates used to rank their website. It makes their websites eye catching, attractive and easy to rank. Using a URL that is too big and a person don’t understand about the website by seeing it, make the website difficult to rank.

Let’s take an example, A person has an online ecommerce brand, where he sells clothes on his website. He hired a person to do the marketing about his website. The audience will come to his website by clicking a URL.  And if a person’s websites URL look like this

This type of URL will give a strong feeling to the audience that it is a spam. Instead of this, if a person uses this type of URL

This URL is simple, straight forward and eye catching. We can understand about this website simply by seeing it. We know that by seeing this URL, that this website is about paying for social media jobs. By the way, if you want to start earning like 100$ per week, you must check this website. This website offers amazing jobs that will increase your earning. It is an affiliate website that provide remote jobs for people who wanted to make money online.

Benefits of Cloak an Affiliate Link

Cloaking the affiliate links is quite beneficial for affiliates. Affiliates use these methods to make their websites on the top ranking of Google. Their products and services also rank top rated on google, just because they cloak their affiliate links. Here are the benefits of Cloak an Affiliate Link.


Cloaking the affiliate links will make their websites eye-caching and attractive. The websites URL will attract the person to come to the affiliate website. Making a website eye-catching and beautiful is very important for affiliates. They must sell their products or services, and cloaking will give them benefits by ranking them. You can also learn from cloaking How TO Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Easy to understand

Cloak an Affiliate Link will shorten the URL that is easy to understand. A person should understand about website just by reading its URL. Google also promotes the cloaking websites. It looks trustworthy, simple and easy to understand.

Top 4  Cloak an Affiliate Link Plugins

Here are the 4 affiliate cloaking plugins that can easily clock your affiliate links.

  1. Amazon Auto Links.

Amazon Auto Links is a plugin that allows you to display products from Amazon on your WordPress site. When a user clicks on one of the products, they are redirected to Amazon, where they can purchase the item.

  1. Easy Affiliate Links.

It is a free tool that helps you manage all your affiliate links in one place. With Easy Affiliate Links, you can easily add, edit, and delete affiliate links.

  1. URL Shortener Pro.

URL Shortener Pro is the perfect tool for creating short, memorable links for your website

  1. Simple URLs.

Simple URL will cloak your affiliate links simply by adding your website link.


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