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Hi , welcome to MillanAffiliate , obviously the name says it all. I am an affiliate and well my last name is Millan 🙂 i wanted to do this blog to help everyone out here.. You see i remember when i started looking around and trying to make money , let me tell you all the things i tried to make money with and tell me if this is also you?
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About us
About us
  • Network marketing (Oh man.. i remember these days.. This was funny as hell but at least i tried.. I did got to some ranks but then i gave up..
  • Dropshipping (SHIT this hurt even more.. I spent over 10k on ads and 10k for a person who only makes $1,200 a month was ALOT of money..)
  • CPA Marketing , okay this one still does works.. So let me tell you we will talk about some cpa tricks in this post..
  • YOUTUBE , man i had over 10 youtube channels and 9 of them youtube deleted it.. Because well.. they owned it.. Not much you can do when you borrow their website.. Right?
  • Google ADS , they blocked my account.. i cried because i have tried so many things andNOTHING was working.. Sucks..
  • BING ADS , still have the account but well.. I noticed i was spending more on ads than my profits.. SUCKS too!
  • AMAZON FBA , i tried this one too it was working but then i noticed i had to bust my ass to keep inventory that sells..i stopped this..
  • AMAZON PRIVATE LABEL , shit on this one you needed money , and well money that i didnt have.. but i heard it works still..
  • FOREX , i tried forex since 2016 it was working but then wasnt.. i won some and lost some.. SO i stopped..
  • CRYPTO , this one was my best one.. I won over 30k on crypto.. Was happy and all invested half of it on crypto..and BTC went from 60k to 17k...

Now.. Imagine how i felt... a person who doesn't have a strong mindset they would've give up already..right?

Yup.. i felt like nothing was working for me.. UNTIL i created a blog.. a spanish blog.. Because as you could tell i do understand and write english but my first language is Spanish.. I created a blog and after like 3 to 6 months i started seeing comission coming in.. I was kind of confused but then i noticed OMG it was from the blog.. Then thats when i noticed something..
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I can make a business from a blog and FREE!!! OMG that shit blown my mind.. AND the best part is.. I explained to my community how to also do the same thing.. And well , here i am i will also tell you how to do the same thing but honestly i wont lie here.. As you can see i have tried so many stuff and not much of them worked.. So trust me what i am about to tell you do work.. And i will tell you how to get traffic as soon as the same day you create your blog..

Because lets face it , why would you just create a blog and then you wont have traffic at all like how are you going to make the money , right?

So lets start with steps.

First step: 1. WHAT PEOPLE NEED

You need to look for something people need , like something that hurts them and they on google looking for solution and well guess what thats right you will be the solution well not just you.. Your blog will be the solution.. Then trust me after you get that. After you get what people need then you will make money in long term. Dont believe people who says you will make money fast that doesn't exist guys money fast dont work.. SO please pay attention..

You see , you need to work for the people, you need to help people well shit honestly that is why we here. God created us to help others not destroy and im sorry if you don't believe in god i respect that let me just change the subject then lol 🙂 , lets start with this:

  1. RELATIONSHIP: Now this niche is pretty good people looking for ways to fix their relationship, their marriage so this can be amazing.
  2. MAKE MONEY: Now this is amazing too , people are always looking for ways to make money online and don't you dare talk about competition.. You unique , don't worry if there's to many blog talking about making money online who cares shit here i am making this post for you knowing there is TONS of competition out there lol. Still i will keep up!
  3. HEALTH: My god i don't know about you but god didn't bless me with a nice petite body so i have to constatly keep active and be careful with my weight so this niche is amazing because people always want to lose weight come on that is true and you know that.
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Now these 3 niches are GENERAL niches , you will make even more money if you go to SUB Niches below those niches theres something called SUB niche and there is when you will make money let me give you some examples:

Relationship - (Straight people relationship, Gay , Trans , Latin,Black,Asian,ETC)
MAKE MONEY - (Make money with forex,crypto,blogging,youtube,ig,tiktok)
Health: ( Lose weight with smoothies,keto,just meat,ETC)

I mean theres BUNCH of sub niches that you should look around before you make a blog about it , you have to know what you will be talking about and also putting in your mind that your blog WILL NOT blown if you are not helping people , you MUST help people to then make money with that blog ,okay let's continue..

We talked about What people need , now what's next?


Okay now this one will be pretty fast you just need a product to promote about the same subject you will be talking about. What are you going to talk about? Let's say you will talk about relationships , straight people who struggle with communication. Okay , so your blog will be about relationship your job is to look for a product that can help the couples communicate and you can easily do that by going to Clickbank or Digistore24 or just google and find a promote to promote.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website
How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

You see , nobody will buy from you unless you are helping them. Let's make an example. How do you feel when someone helps you so much you feel like in debt with that person like if you have to help them back because awe , they helped  you know? That's how people feel too im sure you probably saying wow this girl went thru so much how is she here or probably saying wow this girl went thru the same shit i went thru like im doing the same thing as here you know?

You have to talk to people and even on blogs you have to talk like if you really do understand them because if you don't they also feel that. YOU KNOW? 🙂

Here are the website where you can easily find products as affiliate and just start with everything.
1. Clickbank 
2. Digistore24
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I can recommend other ways to make money with your blog but im sure you can find other ways also , in this post i really want you to start and start making money honestly .Well , here we are already in step 3 almost. After you are done with all this , let's keep going!


Okay so this step is the best step and easiest honestly haha 🙂 so let's keep up , now you are ready to create your blog and i wont show you step by step how to do that i will leave you a video down below here so you can follow the persons step by step and just have your website ready to go ,

The company that i use is BlueHost you can register HERE and after you do signup , then please watch the video down below he will explain how to connect your website and all with bluehost.

After you are done with your website , congratulation! You are READY to make money..


I told you in the beginning that i was going to show you how to make your website and get traffic SAME day as you create your website and for this , i will show you 2 ways on doing this.. The FREE way and also the PAY way.. So i would def. start with the FREE way if you have no money but if you do have some money to start then just follow instruction down below and let's start with this.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog FOR FREE: 

Now here i will show you how my partner she started a blog a year ago and she started to get traffic on PINTEREST for free , like it is SOO easy to do , just create a pin that redirect the people to obviously to your blog. Now let's say your niche is about relationship then you will create a pin about relationship and send them to your blog.

This way is the easiest way and i want to show you proof of one of the blog she has that she did it with free traffic, NO PAYING TRAFFIC AT ALL! here it is:
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As you can see , she has in just ONE month FOR FREE she had 149k unique people going to that specific blog and 393k pageviews in just 1 month i mean THAT IS CRAZY!! I wish i had that too in my blogs but not yet , one of my blog the spanish one is getting close to that.. And well that blog you see there is a SPANISH NICHE that she made and omg it blew my mind how crazy and how many people just go every single day to that blog to look for information.

You too can also do this , you just have to do exactly what i just told you , here is the step she also made to get that for free:

  1. Go to Pinterest signup
  2. Create PINS about your niche VERY GOOD PINS
  3. If you want a course about PINTEREST i also took THIS ONE HERE CLICK HERE

That course can help you , honestly i have no course or anything i just like to learn from the best , and well help others how to do the same thing.

I mean i already told you how to that all free.. guys now let's go with people who can spend some money.. This will help you guys and this is serious.. Let's start:

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog PAID VERSION: 

Now , this one i started doing it like years after because i didn't have money to start doing this but nobody told me this way i just found out myself and i want to tell you guys what i did for some of my blog to obviously rank and well i make money as affiliate and also with some other stuff like CPA and stuff like that , that i had in my blogs..

  1. Signup with propellerads HERE

Okay after you signup there , it is very VERY cheap every single clicks can be even CHEAPER than BING ADS those who used bing ads you guys know is true they are sometimes very cheap but Propellerads are very cheap this is how i grew my website and im serious.

I created a content about something that uses affiliate links and i made an ad there and sent bunch of people but not thinking of conversion , im thinking of social clicks , and views , and stuff and that helps to be higher on google search. Do you understand? Like let's say i create this post and which i will do it also , after me completing this i will make an ad on Propellerads for like 20 bucks and that will bring me over 300 people to my blog from different areas or if you want only USA then do that.

That will bring me different people from different cities and my blog will be higher in google search NOT right away guys.. It will take time but i say 3 to 4 months your page can be in the first page of google i tell you what i've been doing and it has been working for me.!
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Not guarantee if you do this it will work for you because i have no idea what is your niche. But i do believe that helps with your page and it will tell google oh look that new website there's people UNIQUE people going to that website.. I like that.. Let's see what is in there.

Obviously you will have a good good GOOOOOOOOD post and with some affiliate links so you can make some money too..

Now , guys i am NOT lying this works! But you will need to work HARD , and i mean HARD straight for 1 month do this.. And tell me how it went.. Be honest tell me if i helped you with this ? God bless you for those who believe in god for those who doesn't then take care of yourself and be good for others. 🙂
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